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Intel Vs. AMD, Fight!


Red Vs. Blue, have you ever wondered which CPU is better? Or get into a heated discussion about why your preferred brand is better than the other, I know I have. It’s a pretty common occurrence in the tech world, anytime you throw a bunch of passionate people in the same room together there is going to be arguments about there preferred methods to get things done, it’s just how things work.
Is there a clear winner in this situation? Is AMD’s ability to add more core’s to its CPU’s make it a clear winner? Or does Intel’s ability to make higher quality single cores make it way better?

Well if you started reading this hoping to find a clear winner I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. I have my reasons, don’t click away, hear me out. If you are ready this there is a pretty good chance your into computers and most likely already have an opinion on the subject yourself, so I’m not going to try and change your mind. Here’s the thing, I’m an IT guy for multiple businesses in my area. How bad do you think it would be if I limited my knowledge and my ability to help people with their problems, for example, what if I only worked with one type of technology? It would be ridiculous if said something to a customer like “Sorry I cant setup email on your phone because its an android and I only use Apple products.” Or “Jeez, you’re using Intel? don’t you know AMD is so much better for this platform?” In both of these situations, I’m not doing my reputation as an IT any favors, and the customer is most likely upset too since they aren’t getting the help they should.


How much better would it be to be unbiased in situations like these? Think about it, the only person your hurting is yourself. I believe that IT guys should never limit themselves to a specific technology, if there is a popular piece of tech that you may not be that excited about, take the time to give it a try and learn that tech. So next time when someone is asking for help with an alternate piece of technology, you can confidently fix the issue and in turn, gain more trust from your customer. One of my favorite feelings working in IT is that feeling you get when. “Wait you had three other IT company’s try to get that issue fixed, and I did it in just a half hour?” Ahhh that’s the best feeling, knowing you outsmarted your nerd counterparts I’m I right? I get it though, people are passionate about products they relate too but trust me, if you adopt this unbiased view your just going to be putting more tools in your toolbox, and will appear to be more professional rather than an over the top fanboy.

Let me know in the comments if you found this helpful, or perhaps you want to yell at me about how your preferred tech is better than mine, its cool I won’t get upset.