IT loves Coffee


It is no surprise that coffee has made its way into our everyday lives. I mean who can reset that aroma followed by hints of chocolate and that perfect blend of bitterness and acidity? Even now as I write this down, I have got my favorite mug in proximity so that I may bask in all its splendid coffee glory.

I recently read a post from the National Coffee Association where they list the top 15 professions that drink the most coffee, to my dismay, IT professionals were nowhere on the list. I drink anywhere from two to four cups a day easy, and I know most IT pros like myself cannot get enough as well. Coffee and IT, it goes together like video games and bagel bites, or Googling and computer bugs.

The actual health benefits from coffee are quite numerous ranging from increased focus to making your immune system stronger. Voltaire was said to drink 50 cups a day and lived to the age of 83. Now I am not saying that going to your favorite coffee chain and getting a giant-sized frappuccino is good for you, what I am saying is coffee in its pure form(black) can have significant effects. Now I am kind of an anti-sugar guy I do not believe that people should consume as much sugar as we do and therefore I have cut sugar out of my coffee and limited it in my diet in general. One of the significant benefits that I enjoy from coffee is its ability to control your appetite. For example, I like most people skip breakfast in the morning just opting for a single cup of joe to capitalize on it hunger suppressing qualities. I also benefit from the increased brainpower I get when I’m trying to finish a last minute project.

Its pretty plain to see that I am a huge coffee fanboy, and if you are reading this, you most likely are too. Before I finish writing this, I am going to leave you with a recommendation to an excellent company that specializes in coffee for gamers they are called Player One Coffee, and when you use this link, you will get five percent off your first order. My favorites brews from Player One are Omen, or first person smoother. You can find the link to Player One coffee here. Also, let me know in the comment section below how you enjoy your coffee.


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